Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very valuable to us and to clarify this privacy The private agreement between us and users is set forth below. in this Agreement Terms of Use of the Nostalgia game and other Program, Privacy, Information from The way the app is collected from you, how they are stored and used Let's explain.

Collect and use information
Our goal is to gather information to provide better service to all users. According to this data it is possible to match the user and data without user request And there is no further information. And in fact this is a bunch of You do not have contact information with your personal and personal information.

Through the Nostalgia game and other program, this information is transmitted by users to servers Surveys are sent: Android number, location, model, Brand, Android version, app info and app promotion Information about device events such as crash or crashing Schedule and problems encountered in using the app and viewing pages The length of time spent in the program and other parameters used In the program.

We may analyze information analyst firms and the advertising interface Use our app services.
Your information security is important to us. The information you collect This information may be indirect for data Massive. For example, users who have a particular brand of mobile Have used. In the other example; if you have a specific page of the program You have seen. The number of people who viewed this page Added and this number may be for analysis by another company To be used.

Property Rights
All texts, pictures and other works in the content of the Nostalgia game and other program, except content Published and presented by users - unless otherwise indicated - Have rights reserved and without the right to use They do not have them.
Because intellectual property dominates the effects of the programs Natural and legal persons and we are authorized by the owners of the works We have used the respective publishers, so users are paying attention That unauthorized use of programs, not only does not pay salaries We are legal and legal, but also the rights of individuals and individual rights It will also be the responsibility of the perpetrator.

Terms of Changes
The text of this agreement may change in the future. The owner of the right program Reserve this condition at any time without giving reasons Knows. We are not obliged to inform users about this And it is up to the user to read the terms. Please Read this document at any time to become aware of its evolution. Any change means that the user agrees to the changes And accepts them to continue using the program and in the other This form can be terminated by means of the program itself.
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Last Updated: February 4, 2017